MyMotoShield is a Vehicle Repair Contract (VRC) and Extended Warranty product that covers the costs (parts and labor) of repairing or replacing a pre-agreed set of mechanical and electrical vehicle components that stop working in the normal course of use. MyMotoShield is NOT an insurance product, however it complements comprehensive or 3rd party vehicle insurance by protecting against repairs that are excluded from vehicle insurance.

Customers can purchase MyMotoShield coverage for 12 or 24 months. Total number of components (major components and sub components) covered range from about 200 to over 700, depending on the product bundle. Covered items include:

  • Engine components - pistons, crankshaft, valves etc.
  • Electrical components and motors - alternator, starter, window motor, wiper motor etc.
  • Transmission components.
  • Suspension - shock absorbers, struts etc.
  • Steering components - tie rod, steering pump etc.
  • A/C components - condenser, compressor etc.
  • Hi-tech components - brain box, sensors etc.
  • Engine cooling - radiator, water pump etc.
  • Drive axle - CV shaft, propeller shaft etc.
  • Brake – ABS booster, brake calipers etc.
  • Fuel delivery - injector, pump etc.
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MymotoShield Brochure Corporate Customer
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