Goods In Transit

Goods-In-Transit insurance is an all risk policy which covers loss or damage to goods whilst in transit by road, rail or inland waters within the geographical limit of Nigeria.

The policyholder will be indemnified if the insured goods are lost or damaged by fire, theft, collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle whilst in transit or whilst in course of loading or unloading from the point conveyance to the stated destination or whilst temporarily housed in ordinary course of transit subject to the limits of this Policy.

Features include:

  - This policy does not cover the following goods; delicate or fragile goods such as glass unstable goods such as explosives. (For such goods, kindly send your request to

  - This policy cannot be purchased in isolation, in order to buy our Goods-In-Transit policy you must have an existing policy with Cornerstone e.g. Marine Insurance, Combined Fire & Burglary. (If no previous policy with Cornerstone, kindly send your request to

How to Purchase

    - Complete basic online form and pay conveniently with either a debit card or make a bank transfer into any of our bank accounts.

    - Kindly forward a Schedule of goods carried per trip for each transit made.