Motor Takaful Scheme

Motor Takaful Scheme is a MUST for every owner of Auto Mobile (motor vehicle/motorcycle)

Key Features

  • It provides cover for the loss or damage in the case of accident concerning the vehicle.
  • You have option to choose which type of cover that you think would suit you best
  • The THIRD PARTY type of cover (Liability for damages to Third party ONLY)
  • The COMPREHENSIVE type of cover (Unlimited liability for death/bodily injury  to third parties and the insured vehicle)
  • Upto 10% discount offered when more than one car is insured
  • Negotiable discount for fleet of cars ONLY
  • You are entitled to authorized repair limit of 5% of value of the vehicle insured
  • No Claim Discount (NDC) of between 20% and  50% allowed
  • Speedy claim settlement
  • Excess free cover is available by payment of additional contribution
  • The Scheme is based on the Islamic principle of al-Tabarru