Notice to Our Esteemed Customers

No Cash Policy Update

Dear Esteemed Customers,

“Fraudsters are roaming around the internet using malicious software, systems, and channels to exploit members of the public and sometimes companies by fraudulently obtaining sensitive and personal information like usernames, passwords, debit card details, etc.

We are aware that some of these cybercriminals may pose as representatives of Cornerstone Insurance Plc to swindle innocent people of their hard-earned money. We have consistently tried and will continue to work towards preventing this issue by educating members of the public on how to spot scam attempts and remain scam smart.

One of the ways to guard yourself is by getting familiar with our Company name (Cornerstone Insurance Plc), Company’s official website ( email address: ( social media handles, and other official communication channels.

Cornerstone Insurance Plc operates a ZERO CASH POLICY. Under no circumstance will we ask you to pay your premium in cash into a personal account of any staff or agent. Kindly notify us if you receive such a request by sending a message to us via any of our official channels”

For further enquiries, please contact the following e-mail addresses and phone number:

Email: ;

Phone: 01-2806500