Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Airtel Insurance?

Airtel Insurance is the first FREE life and hospital cash insurance policy via mobile in Nigeria. It is open for all Airtel subscribers (pre-paid and post-paid**) aged 18-65 years old.

Airtel Insurance covers two events: Death and Hospitalisation. The subscriber qualifies for a cash pay-out in event of the following, depending on the value of airtime recharged each month. The more you recharge, the more cover you have; up to N 500,000 on life cover, and up to N 50,000 per hospitalisation, subject to maximum of 4 hospitalisations per year.

Monthly Recharge*Life CoverHospital Life Cover
This Month Next Month  
N 1,000 N 100,000 N 10,000
N 5,000 N 250,000 N 25,000
N 10,000 N 500,000 N 50,000

*Recharge qualification is cumulative for the month

*Post-paid customers qualify based on monthly usage

1. Dial *259# and follow menu to register for FREE. You will receive confirmation message.
2. The more Airtel airtime you recharge, the more life and hospital cash insurance you accrue. You will receive one SMS message each month informing you of how much cover you are entitled to for that month.
3. You must spend a minimum of 3 consecutive days in a hospital in order to qualify for hospital cash.

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What is Gadget Protection Plan?

GPP is Nigeria's first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agnostic additional warranty service that eliminates the frustration of a broken device. The policy covers repairs in the event of accidental damage to items like Smart phones, Tablets, Televisions, Home Entertainment, Laptop sand PC's, Printers and Games consoles.

The Gadget Protection Plan is designed to cater for discerning consumers who desire the security and peace of mind associated with the purchase of their dream devices. Product is now available at leading retail and online store; Konga

How does GPP work?

1. Sign up for the Gadget Project Plan when you purchase of your new device at any of our certified retail partners.
2. And when a device covered by GPP gets damaged - be it the user or manufacturer's fault, SuperGeeks will be on hand to fix it.

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How do I purchase a product online?

Visit and highlight the banner 'buy insurance in 5minutes' or highlight the 'e-insurance' button, select the product of interest and provide the necessary details requested on the screen then make payments via ATM cards.

What is the difference between purchasing a policy online and manually?

Online gives you the opportunity to purchase a policy 24/7 anytime, any day of the week via the internet which always gives discount premium on policies compared to manual process.

Do you accept installmental payment?
No, the platform doesn't accept installmental payment; it is only in products which have payment frequency (Monthly,Quarterly, Half Yearly & Yearly) such as Investment Plans.

What is the Minimum Annual Premium payable for LIfe Investment Policy
The Minimum Annual Premium payable on Life Investment Policy Is N60,000.00.

Can I pay with cash or cheque?
Yes, the platform has flexible payment options for users to choose from. When a user arrives on the payment page during purchasing any of our insurance products, select Bank Transfer to partially end the transaction and upon payment confirmation, the insurance documents will be sent to the email address immediately.

 How do I register for claims on this platform?
You have to visit to fill out e-claim form for motor claims, fire, burglary, goods-in-transit,marine and local travel insurance claims but for other products, kindly email to request for a claim form which you will complete and return to same email address alongside repair estimate and pictures.

How do I increase or Decrease my Life Investment Premium on subsequent payment from the initial amount invested?
Send a formal letter to stating your desire to increase or decrease the subsequent payment to a specific amount and an endorsement letter will be forwarded to you on same to that effect

How do I change my Beneficiary or Address on my Life investment policy?
Send a formal letter to stating your desire to change details on your policy

How can I obtain my receipt after payment?
The moment payment is successful, an E-Receipt will be forwarded to your email address which you provided during the purchase of the policy

How do I get my policy document?
After the completion of a policy and payment was successful, the certificate and policy document will be forwarded via email.Only online products like Full Comprehensive motor cover and Maximum Investment Plan receive a policy document, however for Full Comp motor cover the client receives policy document only after inspection of vehilce insured has been accomplished by our Underwriter (within 72 hours) while MIP the client receives policy document via email within 72 hours.

What is Home Insurance?
Home Insurance provides financial protection against disaster such as buglary, lightening, fire and flooding. You can insure the building and it's property or either one of them individually.

How much do I need to insure my home?
The cost to rebuild your home if it's damaged should be the amount needed to insure it. Ie Present value of home.